Papi Flores is rapper Txendu’s new aka. He wanted to give a switch to his music and whole aesthetic, going from 90s classic rap to a more commercial trap and reggaeton style. As he is in an early stage of change and evolution, I wanted to create something that could grow up with him but also introduce his new identity to his audience. I designed a simple adaptive logo that could fit in a lot of different situations and also also represent him in this evolution stage.

Then, I developed a sticker set, made up of illustrations based on Apple’s memojis. Stickers are a great way to get closer to the audience, because they can be used by anyone and create a direct link with the artist. Finally, I illustrated his first single’s cover. For me, it was important that the first cover fits the new aesthetic in order to create a strong visual unity from the first moment.

Client / Papi Flores

Date / 2020


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